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71 Cinderella blue



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peach and nail color 


Category Manicure
Color name Cinderella blue
Volume 10ml



This is an advanced concept water-soluble nail polish prescribed based on water,
so children can remove it comfortably with a soap.
Also, it is developed as a hypoallergenic and nontoxic item without any pungent smells for children to use securely.

1. Remove ring from product.
2. Shake it enough before use. 
(When it is not used, the layer can be separated because this product is made with water-based ingredient. 
It is not a defective product, so don't worry about it.)
3. After applying, dry your nails thoroughly.
4. When you remove nail polish, use alkaline soap and make bubble.
5. Enjoy nail art with Peach And nail sticker! (Purchase separately)





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